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Yoni Steam/ V-Steam

An ancient practice, an all natural way to balance and rejuvenate the vagina.

The vagina and womb both self cleanse monthly in the process known as the mensural cycle. However some women still have underline feminine issues.  The V steam serves to gently boost their natural cleansing process and add self care therapy to maintain and restore a healthy sweet p.

How does it work?

   Natural herbs and essential oils carefully infused to create a powerful blend when hot water is added, resulting in a stream. The vapors penetrates deeply to cleanse and refresh the vagina and uterine lining. This process assist in restoring and maintaining hormonal balance, increases libido, tighten the V, detox womb, assist with healing of hemorrhoids, reduce menstrual blood clotting, relieves yeast infections, reduce fibroids and cysts, reduces pain associated to menstrual cycle, reduce stress,  relieves bacteria vaginosis, and maintains a healthy ph.

Please arrive 10 mins before session to preview mandatory questionnaire and consent forms for your intended experience.

Recommended 3 sessions per month

Disclaimer: Please Consult your doctor prior to using any products for treatment of a medical condition. Our products are natural and these statements have not been  evaluated by the FDA.


Service Prices


V steam full payment

Date can be transferred to another, if  you are unable to make your  reserved date. 

Please arrive 10 mins before session to preview waiver and consent forms for your session

 all sales are final

30 min session

No product


V steam deposit

Please arrive 10 mins before session to preview waiver and consent forms for your session

non refundable deposit for V steam

30 min session

No product

Contact Us


Email Address*


Contact us before purchasing your option to check availability for time slot and the day of preference.


* you will be asked to complete a questionnaire and consent form, to be in compliance of the service intended. Please do not sign up if you are pregnant. if you have an intrauterine device (IUD). have an active internal infection

 ( cervical, uterine, or ovarian inflammation) or fever or have COVID19,  Menstruating, or have any open sores or blisters present.*

Only 2 available V-Steam rooms.

Please arrive 10 mins before session to preview questionnaire and consent forms for your session.

half hour after each session booked are used for sanitary cleaning requirements for your safe session experience and per CDC guidelines.

 seat lining and clean robes, and towel/ wipes are also provided.

If you have been exposed to COVID19 or have COVID19 please do not reserve session.

* mask required*

Select Saturdays 11 am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, (the latest slot)

*some offer days and time maybe booked with other offered sessions* please contact us.

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