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Frequent Questions

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What products will help my ​skin types?

Most soap, shower gels,  contains a blend of natural exfoliants, honey, butters, clay and oils. Read each description under the products advertised.

My skin is so sensitive to everything. Will your ​​​​​​​products bother it?

Yes, most likely, they are mild and gentle for all skin types. There are no synthetic ingredients added, that's what usually causes skin irritations. If you have allergies to fragrance, nuts, or fruits, most of our products are a blend of these and  fragrance oils and essential oils.

Test product on a small part on your skin, 

Product & Product ​Uses Questions

Fun Fact:

You can use the soap bars to wash your hair.

​​​​Can the products go bad?

Go bad? No. 

Freshness and the scented effect of each product is recommended to be kept in cool temperatures. 

The soaps can last for years. For best fragrance on each soap bar, we recommend using within 6 months of purchase. Do not expose to extreme heat  and cold temperatures.

 Candles burn out after the time range assigned.

How do you use the sugar scrubs?

Our sugar scrubs contains a mix of dead sea salts, honey, and brown sugar to name a few. It is recommended to stir and add water for application to skin. The smell creates an awareness, and the circular motion of your hands rubbing it in will start to exfoliate. After the rinse, feel the soothing soft transformation of your skin. 

What's the difference between made with love natural skin care and others?

There are no misleading or artificial ingredients. Made with love references the attraction of what is considered a better choice for you to try. The moisture is derived from the glycerin, one by product many big name companies have omitted from their soaps. Techniques of cold process and hot process are used. The final skin loving product maintains quality through the vitamins, and minerals from the natural fats, oils and butters used.

Is there gluten in these products?

Oatmeal, cornmeal, almond, coconut are used widely in our products. Though these are natural gluten free products they are however packaged in facilities that also package gluten products such as  wheat, barley and/or rye.

​Are there vegan products?

Some products are vegan friendly. Some may contain goat's milk. Please refer to ingredient listing for each product. Non testing on Animals- 'Cruelty free'. Made in small batches and tested by the formulator herself, family, friends and hundreds of enthusiastic shoppers who were excited to try our new line.

I've heard of  'Parabens'. What are they & How can they harm me?

Synthetic chemicals are otherwise known as parabens, most big name companies use in their products. Parabens have been linked to cancer causing cases. they are known to disrupt hormone function. We here at T-Le-Chic are Cruelty free, paraben free, Vegan Friendly and Natural.

General Questions

Reference the Contact Us page.

​Do you have a store?

Currently operated online and in store.

Visit Contact Us page.

​​Return Policy

Due to the handmade nature of each product, once its in your possession, we require not to have it returned to our studio to contaminate the work space.

If you have questions prior to ordering feel free to contact our team, we will be available to help you.


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